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Transforming any truck into a money making, money saving tow truck.  Always affordable.


Ready Financing


Always the most compact positioning of any underlift, shifting more weight forward, carrying more pay-load, and earning a green light at the scales.


Every Zacklift is loaded with standard tools to move every rig, every time, damage-free.  Every choice of rating and reach, always available as a removable FIFTHWHEELER or a permanent mount.

Zacklift. Chosen by the companies that keep America moving.

This Zacklift has, never, never given me any trouble. I’m going to buy my second one.

-Waldenford, OH

Sam Thompson

Sam's Towing


Towing equipment factory engineered to be ready for the road. Drive under just like a trailer, and drive out when you require your truck for other purposes. Own your own towing equipment at a fraction of the cost of a complete tow truck and build on features as you need them: Winch, Anchor Legs, Toolboxes, ready to go now or later as your job requires.


The same Zacklift Underlift utilized in the FIFTHWHEELER can also be permanently mounted. With more than three decades of experience dominating the retrofit industry, permanent mounting is completed with the industry’s only pre-engineered, drop-in mounting system. Expertly designed for self-installation, you can get your Zacklift welded, working and on the road.


Zacklift has listened to its customers over the years to engineer and perfect the best tools to get every job done. Look like a professional, hook-up and go in record time, and transport safely with tools designed exclusively for Zacklift, and to serve other makes and models of wrecker equipment.  See what is standard and optional when it comes to Zacklift.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Everyone we talked to said that Zacklift was the best quick swap you can buy.

Junction City, KS
Jim Gross and Jerry Crenshaw

Owners, Gross Wrecker Service

You can do everything.  My drivers love it. It is the easiest equipment to operate that we’ve ever owned. 

Pittsburg, PA
Jack Vavreck

Owner, Pitt Ohio Express

I looked around and kept hearing about the Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER. I couldn’t find anything else on the market that compared to all the features in the Zacklift. You can buy the cheap bar-style lift but they’re not damage-free and I sure don’t think they’re safe. Now I tow everything a quarter million dollar tow truck can do. I can hook up to anything. We run through the scales all the time and never have to worry about it. I should have bought this FIFTHWHEELER a long time ago.

Chrome Mafia
Joplin, MO
Bryan Martin

Trick My Truck

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